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Feb 15


More additions to the collection courtesy of DIET - HTK .


It’s not properly called the torpedo, but it looks like one, and there is no other markings on this one other than a fading Papermate wordmark. I found what I thought was a marker with the same shape last year, but when I uncapped it, it was actually a hi-lighter. So I’m happy to have something with such a unique shape, replace that. Sleek black gloss marker, barrel slightly tapers with a smooth curve towards marker tip. Simple plastic cap, reminiscent of the metal caps found on old glass-bottle markers. Throwback. Nice chisel tip. This thing is DOA. Dried out, but still gave sharp, clean ghost lines. Light white vinegar odor. Peep PAPERMATE website.


Gloss black. No frills. The only words on this thing are “Permanent Marker”. Looks like a Staples blank. Used to be a chisel tip. Now it’s mush. Good for cloud effects. These sort of markers perform well in the beginning, then break down rather quickly. I like them for their changing nib qualities and ink property, but I guess if you want a marker that retains quality and consistency, these aren’t it.


Berol often creates sleek, minimally designed markers. This is another great example. Seems like it is from the 70’s or 80’s. Simple metallic silver inlay barrel labeling. Engraved metal clip. Originally a chisel tip. Super busted up and frayed right now. Makes streaky medium-dark ink lines. Woulda been a nice marker back in the day when it was mint, now it only serves as a sloppy fill marker.


A familiar silhouette for a dollar store marker. Sticker wrap label.  Pretty basic. Family Maid wordmark and “Permanent Marker” in slanted non serif font are the only markings on this piece. Bullet tip. Nicely broken in. Makes smooth,even, dark ink lines. Good quality dollar store marker.


This is a bootleg that I see from time to time. I’ll try to pull up other examples to see what brand might have been the first one to use this design. Made in Korea. Wrap around marker label. WHITE/SILVER/BLACK color markings with hints of RED and YELLOW. Nice chisel tip. Nib sits a bit high, which makes the nib bend a bit while making marks. Still makes really crisp, sharp, dark ink lines. Super strong odor. A good quality marker.

Dec 5


I bought all of these markers in Gerrard Chinatown at this one book shop. My markerdar was going off like crazy when I walked by, and it proved to be right. Finding these markers offset the really bad dim sum place we ate at for lunch.

DIAMOND MARKER – Plastic label is peeling off, but the layout seems to be based on the Snowman smaller marker. Even the French copy seems to be copied from the Snowman label. Says round tip on the label but it’s a chisel tip.

MAGICLINE 70 – I like the name of this thing. Magicline. Cast spells and such.

MON AMI STARED – I like the octagonal base design element of this marker. Nice solid construction. It was already dried out when I bought it.

ENTRE – Same design construction as the MON AMI, except the cap doesn’t have a clip.

SUPER CHISEL – Same design construction as the MON AMI as well. I really like the design layout of these things.

SUPER BULLET – Shorter that the CHISEL for some random reason. This one seems to be older than the CHISEL as the label is just a sticker, as opposed to screened on.