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Feb 28


The SF marker pick-ups keep coming. DIET - HTK really dug around to come up with these oldies.


This marker was produced for the Cudahy Packing Co. by manufacturer unknown. Super solid metal construction. Screw cap. Triangle wedge felt nib. 


I’m not 100% sure, but I suspect this marker originated from this company. The clip alone on this marker is a streamlined work of art. Screw cap. Rounded felt nib. 

Both these markers are simple, well constructed items. I really appreciate this style of marker. Nice weight to them. Make a distinct sound when you unscrew the lid. Smells like old metal.  Not a lot of words to write about them. You kind of have to hold them in your hand and play with them a bit to get a feel for things yourself.

Feb 13



DIET had this one in the marker stash for me and I knew what it was immediately. Well kind of. This is a marker to be used on some Bourne Identity close quarters fighting type situations. Manufactured by Cold Steel, this marker is made from glass-reinforced plastic and built for impact in self-defense situations. The marker part is actually quite thin in relation to the size of the barrel. Produces thin lines. I think you are supposed to stab someone in the eye or neck with the marker part. That’s why it is thin. If it wasn’t for the overall size, this thing would not qualify to be included in the collection. This thing weighs close to 2 ounces, and is larger and thicker than a Super Sharpie.