Dec 7


Various Twin Tip design markers I got from art supply stores and this one post office.

LETRASET PRO - Average quality black marker. I really like the brand though.

BEROL PARCEL MARKER - I got this one in some post office in some convenience store in some strip mall that had a eastern euro rub and tug attached to it. I was mailing some application off and spied it while waiting in line. It was a pretty old convenience store. They had these old notebook covers with baseball platers on them like Lloyd Moseby. The marker is really quite good. Thicker than average borad chisel tip on one side, fine point on the other. Good value for money too at $1.49

DESIGN MARKER 2 - Made by Eberhard Faber. I first started using these things in 1998 and bought up a bunch at this art supply shop across from the Water Street Cafe in Gastown. This one, i pilfered from a friend’s marker stast. The broad nib isn’t too durable; it bends funny after prolonged use.

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